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How do I get iCECube2 license? 5810 iCE40 Ultra faq Licensing
How do I enable my 30-day Eval license for CNN IP for UltraPlus? 5808 iCE40 UltraPlus faq Licensing IP
Where can I get a license for Lattice software? 720 All Devices faq Licensing Other
Diamond v2.1: Automotive Qualification and Safety Certification 5555 All CPLD faq
Where can I find the entire pinout list for the ECP3 device? 149 LatticeECP3 faq Inquiries Datasheet
If I connect the POWR6AT6 Trim-DAC output to the feedback node, won't that cause the... 1395 Power Manager II faq Architecture IO
How many timers can I build in a Platform Manager LPTM10-12107? 1346 Platform Manager faq Architecture Power Sequence
Why do I get a warning message about an edge clock not on a sweet site during place and... 1289 LatticeSC/M faq Implementation PAR
What is the maximum potential skew between the transmit data bus bits on the SC/M in a... 1282 LatticeSC/M faq Lattice IP/Reference Design SPI4.2
How can I suppress ActiveHDL False Alarm regarding "Undefined Library Modules"? 1206 All Devices faq Simulation Aldec
When replacing an expired ispLEVER license file, how do I clear the FlexLM licensing... 1135 All Devices faq Licensing ispLEVER
What is the maximum rise/fall time for inputs on I/O or clock pins? 1119 All CPLD faq Architecture IO
Where can I find the moisture sensitivity level (MSL) of a given device? 1105 All Devices faq Reliability and Materials Reliability
Can I run ispLEVER in 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows Vista? 1031 All Devices faq Installation ispVM System-Win 7
How can I run ispLEVER tools on Windows 7 32-bit versions? 1030 All Devices faq Installation Win 7
How do I lock the serdes pins on device? There is no pin-lock capability in designer... 1001 All FPGA faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
Where do I find pin function and placement information for my programmable device package? 999 All Devices faq Inquiries Datasheet
I need to connect an optical module to LatticeECP2/M SERDES. Can you provide an example... 998 LatticeECP2/M faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
In LatticeECP2M external LSM mode, how does the word aligner hunt for comma during word... 991 LatticeECP2/M faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
What are the possible delay variations expected with the transmit and receive SERDES? 989 LatticeSC/M faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
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