HDMI? Standard

High-Definition Multimedia Interface; the global connectivity standard for consumer electronics

HDMI Standard

High Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI) technology is the global standard for connecting HDTVs to OTT streaming devices, game consoles, home theater equipment, PCs, Blu-ray players, and more. It combines uncompressed high-definition video, multi-channel surround audio, and intelligent system control data into a high-speed interface that provides crystal-clear digital quality over a single cable.

As an HDMI Founder and principal architect of the technology, Lattice Semiconductor has been a leader in developing and promoting the HDMI standard, which has been licensed by over 1,200 manufacturers and deployed in over a billion consumer products worldwide.

Key Features

  • Future Proof - new eARC feature enables audio device compatibility with future HDMI 2.1 TVs
  • Convenience - a single HDMI cable can replace as many as eleven legacy cables, simplifying the consumer experience and reducing "cable clutter"
  • Quality - because of its enormous bandwidth capacity, HDMI technology can transmit even the richest HD signals with no compression, delivering theater-quality digital video
  • Versatility - the HDMI Specification supports all the latest video formats including 3D and 4K
  • Reliability - rigorous compliance testing helps ensure reliable performance and cross-vendor interoperability
  • System intelligence - the HDMI interface allows for system-wide control of connected components, including automatic negotiation of TV settings and intelligent one-touch commands that can launch a series of coordinated actions
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