Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packaging for FPGAs & CPLDs

Lattice Semiconductor revolutionized the PLD industry with the development of ISP™, and is now doing it again by offering the most technologically advanced packaging options available. Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages present numerous benefits previously unobtainable in a single packaging technology. BGAs provide higher pin counts in less area and a robust "ball" structure that integrates seamlessly into the manufacturing process.

Lattice Semiconductor offers the largest, most diverse offering of advanced BGA packages available today. A wide variety of ball-counts and pitches, including 1.00mm BGAs, and space-saving 0.5mm pitch Chip Scale BGA, and 0.4mm pitch Ultra Chip Scale and Wafer Level Chip Scale BGA packages are now available. Smart ball depopulation allows designers to use tighter pitch geometry BGA packages while simplifying their PCB designs.

Download Lattice packaging diagrams

BGA Package Selector Guide
Package Available Devices
16 ball Wafer Level Chip Scale iCE40LP640, iCE40LP1K
25 ball Wafer Level Chip Scale LCMXO2-1200ZE, iCE40LM1K, iCE40LM2K, iCE40LM4K
36 ball Wafer Level Chip Scale iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP1K, iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP2K, iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP4K, LIF-MD6000-6UWG36ITR
36 ball ucBGA iCE40LP384, iCE40LP1K, iCE40LM1K, iCE40LM2K, iCE40LM4K
36 ball ucfBGA iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP1K, iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP2K, iCE40 Ultra™ iCE5LP4K
49 ball ucBGA iCE40LP384, iCE40LP1K, iCE40LM1K, iCE40LM2K, iCE40LM4K
56 ball Chip Scale BGA ispMACH 4032Z, ispMACH 4064Z
64 ball Ultra Chip Scale BGA LCMXO2-256, ispMACH 4064ZE
64 ball Chip Scale BGA ispMACH 4032ZE, ispMACH 4064ZE
64ucfBGA LIF-MD6000-6UMG64I
80 ball ckfBGA LIF-MD6000-6KMG80I, LIA-MD6000-6KMG80E
80 ball ctfBGA LIF-MD6000-6KJMG80I, LIA-MD6000-6JMG80E
81 ball csBGA iCE40LP1K
81 ball ucBGA iCE40LP1K, iCE40LP4K, iCE40LP8K
81 ball csfBGA LIF-MD6000-6UMG81I
100 ball fpBGA ispGDX2 64V, ispGDX2E 64V
121 ball csBGA iCE40LP1K
121 ball ucBGA iCE40LP1K, iCE40LP4K, iCE40LP8K
132 ball Ultra Chip Scale BGA ispMACH 4128ZE
132 ball Chip Scale BGA LCMXO2-256, LCMXO2-640, LCMXO2-1200, LCMXO2-2000, LCMXO2-4000,LFXP2-5, LFXP2-8, ispMACH 4064Z, ispMACH 4128Z, ispMACH 4256Z, LCMXO640, LCMXO1200, LCMXO2280
132 ball csBGA iCE40HX1K, iCE40HX4K, iCE40HX8K
144 ball Chip Scale BGA ispMACH 4064ZE, ispMACH 4128ZE, ispMACH 4256ZE
184-ball csBGA XO2-4000HE
208 ball fpBGA ispGDX2 128V, ispGDX2E 128V
208 ball ftBGA LPTM10-12107
225 ball ucBGA iCE40LP4K, iCE40LP8K, iCE40HX8K
256 ball fpBGA ECP2-6, ECP2-12, ECP2-20, ECP2M-20, LFEC3, LFEC6, LFEC10, LFEC15, LFECP6, LFECP10, LFECP15, LFX125EB, LFX200B, LFX200EB, ispXPLD 5256MV, ispXPLD 5256MB, ispXPLD 5512MV, ispXPLD 5512MB, ispXPLD 5768MV, M4A5-256, LFXP6, LFXP10, LFXP15, LFXP20
256 ball ftBGA LCMXO2-1200U, LCMXO2-2000, LCMXO2-4000, LCMXO2-7000, LFE3-17, LFE3-35, LFXP2-5, LFXP2-8, LFXP2-17, LFXP2-30, LCMXO640, LCMXO1200, LCMXO2280, ispMACH 4256V, ispMACH 4256B, ispMACH 4256C, ispMACH 4384V, ispMACH 4384B, ispMACH 4384C, ispMACH 4512V, ispMACH 4512B, ispMACH 4512C
256 ball caBGA LCMXO2-2000, LCMXO2-4000, LCMXO2-7000, iCE40HX8K
285 ball csfBGA LFE5U-25, LFE5UM-25, LFE5U-45, LFE5UM-45, LFE5U-85, LFE5UM-85
324 ball ftBGA LCMXO2280
332 ball caBGA LCMXO2-4000, LCMXO2-7000
328 ball csBGA ECP3-17EA
381 ball caBGA LFE5U-25, LFE5UM-25, LFE5U-45, LFE5UM-45, LFE5U-85, LFE5UM-85
388 ball fpBGA LFXP10, LFXP15, LFXP20
484 ball fpBGA LCMXO2-2000U, LCMXO2-4000, LCMXO2-7000, LFE3-17, LFE3-35, LFE3-70, LFE3-95, LFXP2-17, LFXP2-30, LFXP2-40, ECP2-12, ECP2-20, ECP2-35, ECP2-50, ECP2M-20, ECP2M-35, ECP2M-50, LFEC6, LFEC10, LFEC15, LFEC20, LFECP6, LFECP10, LFECP15, LFECP20, LC51024VG, ispXPLD 5512MV, ispXPLD 5768MV, ispXPLD 51024MV, ispGDX2 256V, ispGDX2E 256V, ORT42G5, ORSO42G5, LFXP15, LFXP20
554 ball caBGA LFE5U-45, LFE5UM-45, LFE5U-85, LFE5UM-85
672 ball fpBGA LFE3-35, LFE3-70, LFE3-95, LFE3-150, LFXP2-30, LFXP2-40, ECP2-20, ECP2-35, ECP2-50, ECP2-70, ECP2M-35, ECP2M-50, LFEC20, LFEC40, LFECP20, LFECP40, ispXPLD 51024MV
680 ball fpBGA ORT82G5, ORSO82G5, ORT8850H/L
756 ball caBGA LFE5U-85, LFE5UM-85
900 ball fpBGA ECP2-70, ECP2M-50, ECP2M-70, ECP2M-100, LFEC40, LFECP40
1020 ball fcBGA LFSC/SCM25, LFSC/SCM40
1152 ball fpBGA ECP2M-70, ECP2M-100
1152 ball fcBGA LFSC/SCM40, LFSC/SCM80, LFSC/SCM115
1156 ball fpBGA LFE3-70, LFE3-95, LFE3-150
1704 ball fcBGA LFSC/SCM80, LFSC/SCM115


  • Large Selection of BGA Packages - Including 25, 56, 64, 100, 132, 144, 208, 256, 285, 324, 381, 388, 484, 516, 554, 672, 680, 756, 900, 1020, 1036, 1152, 1156, and 1704 balls
  • Reduced Package Size and Height - Up to 90% area savings on printed circuit board space
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