iCEcube2 Design Software

Ultra-productive design tools for ultra-low density devices.

Maximize performance, minimize utilization – iCEcube2 is optimized for extracting more from your ultra-low density FPGA design. Which means you get even more for less.

Simple, intuitive and easy – iCEcube2 offers a streamlined design flow for ease of use.

World class simulation and synthesis – iCEcube2 software integrates industry leading simulation and synthesis tools.

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More and more designers are turning to ultra-low density FPGAs like the Lattice iCE40 for low cost, low power applications, particularly for mobile and consumer products. These FPGAs pose their own unique design challenges, and you need customized, easy to use design tools to hit cost, power, and time to market targets. Welcome to the productive world of iCEcube2 design software.

Optimize your Ultra-low Density FPGA for Power and Cost

  • iCEcube2 tools are a custom fit for ultra-low density design
  • Create projects tailored for specific tasks
  • Assign design files and constraints to front-end or back-end processes

Tools that Work the Way You Work

  • Simplified design flow for improved ease of use
  • Simple design process steps
  • GUI feedback for completed tasks
  • Standard GUI actions for intuitive functions

Design Simulation…Design Synthesis…Design Done

  • Leverage industry-leading simulation and synthesis technologies
  • Use synthesis inferencing for functions instead of using pre-defined modules
  • Use existing constraint entry capability in synthesis
  • Use existing schematic display capability in synthesis
  • Use standard HDL simulators for verification

One Design Flow, All the Tools

  • A complete design environment
  • Project management
  • Constraint editor
  • Floorplanner
  • Package view
  • Power estimator
  • Static timing analyzer
  • Synthesis
  • Simulation
  • Device programming


iCEcube2 Version 2017.08

  • This version of the iCEcube2 software adds support for the device-package combinations:
    • iCE40HX4K - BG121
    • iCE40HX8K - BG121
  • Fixed bug for incorrect options to bit generation provided by the Tcl script.
  • Fixed bug for incorrect result from PLL module generator in RHEL 7.2.

iCEcube2 Version 2017.01

  • Added VPP_2V5_TO_1P8V synthesis feature for iCE40 Ultra and iCE40 UltraPlus devices.
  • Enhanced auto assign SPI dedicate pin if no SPI instance.
  • Fixed bug for RGB LED driver pin mapping issue in iCE40 UltraPlus device.
  • Fixed bug for I3C simulation model for iCE40 UltraPlus device.

iCEcube2 Version 2016-12

  • Removed the license control for iCE40UP5K – UWG30, iCE40UP3K – UWG30 and iCE40UP5K – SG48

iCEcube2 Version 2016.08

  • This version of the iCEcube2 software adds support for the device-package combinations:
    • iCE40UP5K-UWG30
    • iCE40UP3K-UWG30
    • iCE40UP5K-SG48
  • Enhanced Pin Constraint Editor with pullup/weakpullup constraints process.
  • Added support for Windows 10 OS, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Added Pack Area option to placer tool options.
  • Added VPP_2V5_TO_1P8V synthesis feature for ICE40 UltraLite devices

iCEcube2 Version 2016-02

  • Fixed bug on iCE40 and iCE40LM in RAM cascade mode
  • Enhanced the placer report for the registers that are packed into I/O. GUI also shows them correctly after place and route

iCEcube2 Version 2015-08

  • Support for Windows 8 and 8.1

iCEcube2 Version 2015-04

  • iCE40UL family – Now generally available.
  • iCE40 Ultra (iCE5LP) family
    • Added 48 QFN package (package name is SG48).
    • Added CM36 package (package name is CM36)

iCEcube2 Version 2014-12

  • iCE40 Ultra (iCE5LP) family
    • DSP signed accumulator and signed multaddsub instantiation. Refer to Technology Guide for the list of supported SB_MAC16 configurations
    • SB_MAC16 inference for Synplify Pro (in addition to existing LSE support)
    • Support for PLL reconfiguration during runtime
  • Programming
    • For some time, the Diamond Programmer is the tool to use to program iCE devices. The obsolete iCEcube2 programmer has now been removed from iCEcube2 installation to avoid confusion.
  • Synopsys SynplifyPro Synthesis update: to version J-2014.09L

iCEcube2 Version 2014-08

  • iCE40 Ultra (iCE5) family full support – note: single package (the SWG30 and UWG20 are not available)
    • Available device and package combinations:
      • iCE5LP4K – SWG36
      • iCE5LP2K – SWG36
      • iCE5LP1K – SWG36
    • DSP Block SB_MAC16 support:
      • Inference support - LSE only
      • 50 pre-defined SB_MAC16 functional configurations. Please refer to Technology Guide for supported configurations
    • Module generation for SPI/I2C (Verilog only)
    • Power Estimator support
    • Implementation of RGB using soft logic instead of SB_LEDD_IP hard block. Now use SB_RGB_IP primitive. Previous designs that use SB_LEDD_IP must be migrated to SB_RGB_IP for this release.

iCEcube2 Version 2014-04

  • Fixed routing to dedicated pins support for SPI & I2C Hard IP primitives in iCE40LM devices.
  • More accurate power estimation support for iCE40LP1K, iCE40HX1K, iCE40LP4K, iCE40HX4K, iCE40LP8K, iCE40HX8K and iCE40LP384.

iCEcube2 Version 2013-12

  • This version of the iCEcube2 software provides complete access to the iCE40LM device family.
  • The iCE40LM family has the following additions in this release:
    • iCE40LM1K – 1K density device
    • CM36 and CM49 package — for all three of the device densities: 1K, 2K, 4K
  • Includes a Module Generator to enable simple, correct design entry of the I2C and SPI blocks for the iCE40LM family.
  • Updated power estimation support for iCE40HX (add density) and iCE40LP (4K & 8K) devices
  • Note: If using Diamond 3.0 Programmer to program an iCE40LM device, you must have the following control string in your license file: LSC_CTL_ICE40LMnK, where “n” is the target device density. For example, iCE40LM2K requires the string: LSC_CTL_ICE40LM2K. Email to have this added to your license file.

iCEcube2 Version 2013-08

  • This version of the iCEcube2 software adds support for the following device-package combinations. Some of these require a special license from Lattice to be available:
    • iCE40LP1K-SWG16TR
    • iCE40LP640-SWG16TR
    • iCE40LM4K-SWG25TR,UMG225 (special license required)
    • iCE40LM2K-SWG25TR (special license required)
  • iCE40LP384-CM81 Package support is no longer available.
  • Synplify synthesis flow requires additional license “LSC_ICECUBE2_EDIFIMPORT’.
  • IP Reference designs are removed from iCEcube2 installation. Refer “IP Reference Designs” section for more details.
  • More accurate timing for ICE40 LP and HX devices.

iCEcube2 Version 2013-03

  • The iCEcube2 software contains two synthesis tools.
    • Lattice Synthesis Engine (LSE).
    • Synopsys Synplify Pro.
  • LSE is the default synthesis tool in iCEcube2 flow.
  • This version contains memory initializer command line utility to initialization the BRAM memory contents at post place and route stage.
  • More accurate timing for iCE40–LA devices.

iCEcube2 Version 2012-09 SP1

  • Improved static power estimation.
  • Operating condition is changed to include wider temperature ranges for commercial and industrial settings.
  • Improved placement support to place LUTs in the external feedback path of PLL at optimal location.
  • More accurate timing for iCE40–LA devices.


iCECube2 Software Free License

To request a license you will need the following:

  • Lattice website user account
  • Physical MAC address (12-digit hexadecimal value)

Click here to request your license.

Software Downloads & Documentation

Quick Reference
Information Resources
iCEcube2 and Modelsim
AN006 1.6 10/26/2015 PDF 1.7 MB
iCEcube2 Timing Constraints
1.0 6/1/2010 PDF 863.6 KB
iCEcube2 2017-08 Install Overview
2017-08 10/10/2017 PDF 962.9 KB
iCE 2017-08 Technology Library
2017-08 10/10/2017 PDF 2.7 MB
iCEcube2 2017-08 User Guide
2017-08 10/10/2017 PDF 10.3 MB
iCEcube2 Brief
1.0 4/20/2012 PDF 937.6 KB
iCEcube2 2017-08 Release Notes
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 568.9 KB
iCEcube2 2017-08 Tutorial
2017-08 10/10/2017 PDF 2.3 MB
iCEcube2 2017-08 for Linux
2017-08 10/10/2017 TGZ 361.1 MB
iCEcube2 2017-08 for Windows
2017-08 10/10/2017 ZIP 727.8 MB

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