Ethics Contact Information

Lattice’s Code of Conduct reflect our commitment to honest and ethical business practices and provide standards and guidelines of conduct for Lattice and its employees. Lattice employees are expected to comply at all times with our Code of Conduct and other company policies.

To be successful over the long term, a business must be built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. We want to do the right thing, both because it is right and because it makes good business sense. We strive to act ethically in all of our dealings, and to be respectful of others and responsible in our actions.

Any person who feels that our conduct does not meet the guidelines in our Code of Conduct should contact our Legal Department as set forth below. If you wish to remain confidential, you may provide information anonymously to the Legal Department at the following address:

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Legal Department, Confidential
111 SW 5th Avenue, suite 700
Portland, OR 97204

Telephone: (503) 268-8000

Alternatively, you may use the following form to contact us. Please include your contact infomation with your submission.

Integrity and ethical behavior are hallmarks of Lattice’s corporate culture and business conduct. We believe they are vital to Lattice's continued success and growth. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us meet these high standards.

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