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Welcome to Lattice Careers

Join Team Lattice and help us remove roadblocks to innovation and create a smarter, better-connected world. Together we can enable what’s next.

We are a global semiconductor company. But more than that, we are a worldwide community of engineers, designers, and manufacturing operations specialists who in partnership with world-class sales, marketing and support teams are removing roadblocks to our customers’ innovations and enabling them to bring their ideas and products to market faster.

Our control, connect, and compute solutions enable the Internet of Things to operate safely, easily, and more autonomously at the edge of the network core. So, while you don’t see our products, you are interacting with them all day, every day. We make your experience smarter and better-connected.

We help your cell phone recognize your voice. We help you stream that movie from your cell phone to the world's biggest Ultra High Definition TVs, and then easily connect that TV to your home theater system. In the factory, we make the machines easier for you to interface with, give them high definition eyes, and help them network together. When you send an email from your smartphone, we help the cell phone towers be smaller, consume less power, and connect to the data center faster. In the data center, we help monitor the health of the servers.

For more information about how our low power, small form factor, fast to market, and production priced FPGAs and ASSPs help our customers unlock their innovation, explore our Applications and Products sections.

We value the diversity of individuals, ideas, and perspectives, and what they bring to the workplace. We know that our people represent the future of the company, so we only hire the best from around the world. Applications from all qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, physical or mental disability, or status as a Protected Veteran.

Lattice is uniquely sized to offer you the opportunity to grow and push the limits of your potential. We are well-positioned to ensure your work will make an impact externally but at the same time small enough that your accomplishments and leadership will not get lost in a sea of others.

Think you might have what it takes to succeed at Lattice? Click on View Opportunities to see what roles we are currently hiring.


Working at Lattice definitely has its perks.


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